Sargento Foods Corrects False Recall Reports

Wisconsin-based, family-owned cheese company corrects inaccurate information surrounding Sargento Branded Product

PLYMOUTH, Wis., March 7, 2024 – Today, March 7, Sargento Foods was made aware of inaccurate news circulating around a product recall. The Wisconsin-based company has confirmed that Sargento Branded Product is not affected. 

This news stemmed from California-based Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc.’s recall on February 5 of its Cotija cheese due to a related listeria outbreak. Sargento immediately investigated the situation last month and determined that the recall impacted a limited amount of its Food Service and Ingredients products. This recall did not impact Sargento-branded products.

Out of an abundance of caution, Sargento immediately made the decision to voluntarily recall the products that were supplied by Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc. and products that were packaged on the same lines. Sargento also terminated its relationship with Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc. and immediately notified its affected business customers.

To eliminate consumer concern and confusion, Sargento has actively shared this correction across its social channels and website. As a family-owned company, the safety and quality of its products are top priorities and it remains committed to providing transparency and accuracy.